Courses For Adults:

Explore a Multiverse of Art and Design

Artshaala curates an extensive spectrum of courses that encompass diverse facets of art and design. Our meticulously crafted curriculum caters to learners of all stages, from novices to virtuosos. Our courses are engineered to be adaptable and accommodating, allowing you to chart your artistic journey at your own pace and convenience.


Master the art of lines, forms, shading, and perspective to bring your ideas to life on paper.

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Dive into the world of colors, strokes, and compositions to express your thoughts vividly on canvas.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Coaching Classes for Design

Get ready for your next step with our coaching classes for IIT, NID, NIFT, and fine arts. We will help you improve your design thinking, portfolio presentation skills, and prepare you for the entrance exams.

Design Your Dream Future

Graphic Design

Learn the art of visual communication, from typography to layout, and shape the visual narratives of tomorrow.

Craft Visual Stories

Courses For Children:

Nurturing Young Creatives

Let your kids be creative and express themselves through our courses. They can draw, paint, animate, and more in a supportive environment that helps them explore and learn. We’re here to nurture the next generation of creative minds!

Young Picasso

Nurture your child's budding creativity through drawing, painting, and fun artistic activities designed to spark imagination.

Ignite Imagination with Young Picasso!

Mini Michelangelo:

Unleash your child's potential with hands-on experiences in sculpture, crafting, and artistic exploration.

Sculpt Creativity

Art Adventures:

Embark on exciting art journeys where children explore different artistic mediums and techniques.

Discover Artistic Adventures!

Imaginative Illustration

Foster your child's love for storytelling through illustration, bringing their imaginative worlds to life.

Illustrate Dreams with Imaginative Illustration!

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