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Nurturing Creativity, Inspiring Excellence

At Artshaala, we believe that creativity has the power to shape lives and change the world. Established with a passion for fostering artistic expression and unleashing the potential within every individual, Artshaala has grown into a hub of creative learning, exploration, and community.

Artshaala has been a guiding light for countless individuals seeking to explore their artistic talents and embark on transformative journeys. What started as a dream to provide accessible and comprehensive art and design education has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures creativity across all ages and skill levels.

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Artshaala is an invitation to explore, create, and innovate. We invite you to embark on a journey where your artistic aspirations can flourish, your creativity knows no bounds, and your passion finds its purpose. Come, be a part of our creative family, and let’s shape a world enriched by the power of art and design.

Dolly Singh

Meet The Founde

Your Artistic Guide

Hello, I’m Dolly Singh, the heart and soul behind Artshaala. A graduate of Delhi College of Arts, my passion lies in bold graphic shapes and intricate details. My work delves into themes of identity, gender, and cultural heritage, capturing complex emotions with simple yet powerful imagery.

Art and Design Fusion: With a background in illustration and graphic design, I’m carving a niche in the art world. Artshaala is my canvas to nurture young minds and teach the art essentials, embracing the magic of creative expression.

Experience That Matters: From Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Academy’s online-offline classes to teaching at The Navyandhra School, my journey is a blend of varied experiences. Freelancing for Simgillstore has added diverse dimensions to my expertise.

Education & Vision: I hold a B.F.A from Delhi College of Arts, specializing in Applied Arts. This foundation helps me communicate ideas, feelings, and facts through my creations.